Nike Earf Day

Nike is releasing Earth Day Editions of three of their classic sneakers; The Air Force One, Nike Blazer, and the Nike Cortez aka “The Dope Mans”. Released on 4/22 to commemorate our planet, the shoes were designed by Steven Harrington, who is known for a pop-art, psychedelic style, that comes across in a fun hip…

Chill Summer

Super excited about this mix! Perfect blend of chilled out tunes to get your vibe right for the summer. Features new music from Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, DRAM, The Carters, and more! Listen here and catch up on my other mixes! DJ mATTA!!


        New Mix Up!  Featuring newness from Drake, Chance The Rapper, Young Thugh, NLA Music and more! Stream below and enjoy!

This Is America

  This is America!?  Had to hit y’all with a new mix!  This one features new music from J. Cole, Cardi B., Nicki Minaj, and of course Childish Gambino’s new one, “This is America” (you gotta see the video if you haven’t watched it)!  Stream below and catch up on all my mixes on mINDLESS…